They ran Lancaster out of town on a rail. And now, they're gonna need his help just to survive. The sleepy little burg of Northcod Lake is about to get a massive rude awakening, and the fate of an entire town rests on the shoulders of the one man they hate the most. Northcod Lake is home to all kinds of characters, critters and personalities. These are just some of them, and you're gonna have to recognize them all to win!

08.30.07 - Northcod Residential is LIVE!
Welcome to the home page of the Northcod Residential Contest! For those of you unfamiliar, Northcod Residential was a fan event I held at the end of Episode 8 for Lancaster the Ghost Detective. People created and sent in characters of all kinds to be included in Episode 9, the final episode of the comic. What I didn't tell anyone was that each character would be a piece of a magnificent scavenger hunt!

The rules for the Northcod Residential Contest are easy - Using the profiles above, mark off whenever you notice one of these characters' appearances in Episode 9, and keep track! At the end of Episode 9, I'll make a call for everyone's list; if you send in a completely full list which includes the name of the character, the page they first visually appear on and the name of their creator, your name will be entered in a drawing to win one of three Lancaster prize boxes! The list of prizes is ever-growing, and already includes sketches, every printed issue of Lancaster, and even a plush Weaver! The prize pool will grow during the course of Episode 9 to include even more prizes, including DVDs, trinkets and all kinds of goodies. So keep your eyes sharp, because you'll need to correctly spot every character to have a shot at winning!

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